Video Blog: A Wake UP Call to Humanity

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“The Truth in you is screaming at you to let it out” – Chloe Rose Packer

In this video Chloe Rose reflects upon what is the root of human disconnection and how to move forward towards a New World by re-learning to live from our hearts.


None of us can know,
It’s our job to trust and follow
the flow of our lives that unfold as we walk
the cobbled streets into our soul.

What appears unclear is masked in
fear of change,
of misguidance,
of losing that very self
we see in us that we profess to KNOW.

But how much of us can we know
when there is only NOW?

What we perceive is merely a snapshot
of a reality so much bigger than ourselves.

One we cannot begin to express
without the divinity of TRUTH embedded deep within us.

With every beat of your heart is a message.
Your divine truth waiting to be unfurled.
Only then may we rest in the sacred union of being.
Only then may we return to who we are,
and only then may the veil of life be revealed.

– Chloe Rose Packer

What does your heart need? I would love to hear from you! Please do share below your comments. You are already the precious being the world wants to see.

Chloe Profile PictureChloe Rose Packer  is a healer and works with voice to help people overcome emotional blocks. She is truly passionate about everyone reaching their full potential in life. She believes in a world where everyone comes together to achieve heaven on earth. .

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