The Journey – A poem of Courage

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ASIFA PATEL - THE JOURNEY - 2014-09-25 (2)Asifa Patel delights us today with another one of her heart-touching poems, about letting go of the familiar and courageously stepping into a New World – it may open up a New World for you too.

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. It is inspired by many things I have been experiencing lately: the experience of sharing my writing publicly – a deep guided meditation process – making life altering choices. It describes a journey, but the feeling is that of coming home, of being on a strange path, but being guided by an inner ‘knowing’. I hope my words encourage you to move towards that “road less travelled

The Journey

Each day I take a risk
I am becoming a little bit braver
I walk into the unknown
Peel off another layer of the mask,
I thought of as my face
My heart pounds
I feel raw
Fear makes me want to slam the brakes
Corset my chest
Run Away
I know I can’t
Strange spirits pull my hand in the dark
Guiding me across paths I am sure no soul has ever seen
It is my path
The one I was born to walk
The one beckoning me all my life
Whispering, softly, quietly
Here, Here, Here
This way, this way, this way
Nervously I tip-toe through
My breath caught in my lungs
I step through the curtain
The veil brushes past my face
Everything I have ever known falls away

Can you relate to this experience? What happened when you faced your fears? Do you experience living life in a way that is true to yourself? If not what could you do to move towards that? Please take a moment to let me know in the comments below – feel free to share anything else you felt or thought of, it is always lovely to hear from you


Asifa Profile PictureAsifa Patel is a Psychology graduate with a background in leading transformational seminars. She has coached thousands of people from all walks of life. Asifa is fascinated by what makes people ‘tick’. She loves pondering, deep conversations, dancing & spinning through the World a thousand miles an hour. Her writing explores what it is to live creatively & consciously. Connect with her on Twitter.

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