Who am I? – A poem of Oneness

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1.-Who-I-am.-PICTURE-ASIFA.-10th-Sep.-gifIn today´s post, tribe member Asifa Patel shares one of her latest poetry creations, in which she expresses her insights on oneness will all beings. A sweet invitation to reflect upon unity and interconnection.

During August I took part in a 30 Day Writing Challenge, along with about a 1000 other people from all around the World. As part of this, I have been writing first thing every single morning. Somewhere in those 30 days I found myself moving from prose to poetry. I haven’t written in this way in many years, but I found myself just typing these words a couple of weeks ago.

I hope they find their way to whoever needs/wants to hear them…

Who Am I?

I am becoming someone I don’t know,
Remove my eyes and still someone sees,
Remove my ears and still someone hears,
Remove my skin and someone still feels, still lives, still is,
Unknown/Known stripped of skin
Soul Bared
I feel into this place at the heart of me,
at the heart of all that is
In that place
there is no you
there is no me
no barrier
no divide
I hold my breath
I dive into it all
I feel myself disappearing, becoming something new
the old me dying
I have no face
I no longer know who I am
I just am

I’d love to know if the words resonated with you. How did it make you feel? Have you experienced a sense of oneness and connection with all of life? What were you doing when you had that experience? What would be possible for you if you let go of the ‘old you’ that you experience yourself being? Please take a moment and let me know in the comments below or feel free to share anything else that came up for you as you read this piece.


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Asifa Patel is a Psychology graduate with a background in leading transformational seminars. She has coached thousands of people from all walks of life. Asifa is fascinated by what makes people ‘tick’. She loves pondering, deep conversations, dancing & spinning through the World a thousand miles an hour. Her writing explores what it is to live creatively & consciously. Connect with her on Twitter.

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